Thursday 28 September 2017


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Bumbu Rujak sauce is tipycal sauce from Middle Java with the main ingredients are chili, candlenut, tamarind, lemongrass in coconut milk.  It has mix flavour spicy, nutty, little bit of sour and sweet and savory. Commonly this bumbu rujak is the rubbing for chicken before grilling, but this time I try to mix it with herb crusted on fish fillet. So it will bring the ending taste of herby and spicy with little sweet and sour.  Yummm!

2 x 80 gram fish fillet (use snapper or grouper)
30 gram herb mix (basil, coriander, thyme, rosemary, bread crumb, olive oil)
Salt and pepper

How to make: 
Season fish with salt and pepper.  Quick seared the fish both sides around 2 minutes each side.  Topped with herb mix crusted on the skin part.  Put in the hot oven 180 C for about 7 minutes or until fish is cooked.


30 cc oil for frying                                            
25 gram candlenut, roasted, ground
60 gram shallots, roughly cut                      
5 gram shrimp paste, roasted, ground
15 gram garlic, roughly cut                           
2 sheets salam leaves
75 g red chili, seedless, roughly cut            
10 cc tamarind juice
10 gram galangal, roughly cut                     
40 gram palm sugar
15 gram lemongrass, finely chopped         
500 cc thick coconut milk from 1 whole coconut                     
Salt and pepper

How to make bumbu rujak sauce:
Blend all ingredients except coconut milk and stock until smooth.   
Cook in the hot saucepan and pour coconut milk. Bring it to boil and turn heat to low.   
Simmer for about 10 – 15 minutes. 
Take out from flame and use as sauce to accompany fish fillet.
Served fish fillet with bumbu rujak sauce and grilled asparagus, tomato and potato.


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