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Pepes is Indonesian kind of cooking method when cooking any type of seafood, fish, poultry or even vegetable wrapped in banana leaf. Combine with a spiced paste and cook either baked, steamed or grilled directly over barbecued grill.

Originated from West Java, Pepes can be found in many variation such as Pepes Ikan Mas (using a Carp which are famous in west Java), Pepes Ayam (when using chicken cuts) and could be served vegetarian when using bean curd (Pepes Tahu) or Mushrooms (Pepes Jamur).

It’s usually serve as family style with other dishes where it placed in the middle of the table and served with condiments such as steamed or fresh crudité vegetable (lalapan), assorted sambal (spicy sauce)  and rice.

Serve 4 portions
Preparation time 1 hour
Cooking time 45 minutes

4 x 2 pcs Prawn Vannamei 16-20, divined
40 g green chili, sliced
40 g red long chili, sliced
1 pc lemon, juiced
4 sheets Banana leaf for wrapping
8 pcs Bamboo pins
Salt and white pepper
2 pcs Kaffir lime

Balinese Spiced paste ingredients:
 15 ml oil for frying
30 g shallots, chopped
20 g garlic, chopped
10 g hot chili, chopped
40 g red chili, long, chopped
30 g tomato ripe
15 g galangal, chopped
15 g ginger, chopped
5 g turmeric, chopped
10  g candlenut, ground
1 stalk lemongrass, bruised
3 g roasted shrimp paste
½   tbsp tamarind paste
Salt to taste

Method for spices:
Put all spices in mortal and pestle to make paste. 
Heat up oil in frying pan, sauté and shallot, garlic, hot chili, red chili, galangal, ginger, turmeric, candlenut and lemongrass until aromatic.   
Add the rest of ingredients, season with salt, stirring constantly to prevent from sticking. 
When cool down apply to marinate the prawns.

In a bowl, season the prawn with salt, pepper, lemon juice.
Place banana leaf on a tray that big enough to wrap two pieces of prawn. 
Put marinated prawn on top of it, lime leaf, red and green chili on top. 
Wrap the Prawn, fold both ends together and secure the end with bamboo pins.
 Grill or bake for about 12-15 minutes until prawn is cooked.


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